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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've felt for some time now that I may be perceived as a bit of a nutrition freak. I realize with my posted articles of interest regarding diet sodas and plastics that I may be over the top for some. Compared to my extended family of good ole southerners, I guess I am a bit of a freak. I DO buy mostly horomone free meats, nitrate/nitrite free bacon, organic produce, and I try to avoid anything with enriched flour as the first ingredient. Other items I try to avoid...partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. I almost solely use brown rice, not white. Avoid white bread like the plague. While those are all things I do in practice, let me assure you, my pantry is full of things you wouldn't find in a true "freaks" pantry. Fruit Loops cereal straws, fruit gummies (no real fruit contained...sorry), chips, crackers, candy, etc.
While you won't ever see me drinking a diet soda (sorry, no bending on this rule), I will buy it for parties at my house.
And knowing all the hoopla regarding plastics contacting our food, have I gone "plastic-free" in my kitchen? Nope. My kids still drink and eat off of plastic. I did, however, recently throw out most of my plastic food storage containers and replaced them with glass pyrex dishes, and I like it much better. So much easier to clean.
It's all about trying to make better choices, educating yourself, and allowing yourself freedom at times.
And speaking of freedom, I'm really craving a big turtle sundae from Brusters today. I think my boys need some time out with mom.
Peace out.


candace smartt said...

I just did the Pyrex thing too!
But I haven't thrown my plastic out yet -- just not using it.
How are you???!!!

Kelle Ortiz said...

are you pregnant?

Jennifer Carr said...

But are you??

Jacoline said...

You're not a freak! It would be so good if more people understood the damage "bad food" can do to your health. Saves a lot of medicines for hyperactivity, colon-problems and depression!
I'm very sorry that organic, hormone-free, "clean" food is still so much more expensive; it's not affordable for everyone yet.

No, keep "freaking"' ; you're doing the good thing for your family and for the environment. Keep it up!


Scott and Sara said...

You have really encouraged me to think more about what we eat. I'm trying to make more things from scratch and watch the ingredients of things that I buy. That said, there are plenty of non-healthy things in our pantry and there probably always will be. All things in moderation, right? Hope you enjoyed that sundae!