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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday cakes

Here's a fun post for you. I've been making my kids birthday cakes for the past year. I started it last year when I made Ethan's cake instead of ordering one from Publix, our usual. I have this cookbook of fun kid's recipes and he had picked out a spaceship cake that we made together. It turned out pretty cute. And of course, there was Wyatt's catipillar cake. A surprisingly simple cake to make.
This year, Ethan wanted a Star Wars Indiana Jones Lego cake. What was I supposed to do with that? Well, I found a pretty cool website that has some super homemade cake ideas and came across an idea for a lego cake. Here's how mine turned out.
In theory it was pretty simple, but it was work. I used two cake mixes (chocolate and butter cake) and poured the batter into two loaf pans and one sheet cake (rectangle). I did this a couple of days before the party and just froze the cakes themselves so they would be easier to assemble and frost the day before the party. The day of assembly, I trimmed the rectangles to make them look more "blocky". I frosted each one a different color, stacked them how I wanted them, and used large marshmallows cut in half for the lego prongs. I used Duncan Heinz cake mixes and so many people raved about how good it was. I think freezing them a couple of days enhances the flavor a bit, too. As far as the frosting goes, I used just a couple of tubs of the buttercream frosting. The fun part was Ethan got to be creative and pick out exactly which legos he wanted to go on the cake and he built some small spaceships as cake decorations. I think this part made him feel very important and he took it quite seriously. This cake was probably the most work of the three I've done in the past, but it was a labor of love.


Scott and Sara said...

The cake looks great! I'm checking out that website to get some ideas for Lily's birthday. She wants a horse cake.

Angie said...

Hello, I am online researching spaceship cakes for my 5 year old, and I find your blog! It is really nice to meet you!! I enjoy your heartfelt honest profile, we share many neat attributes. I scrolled upwards, and here I am reading about your love for Agave! I love love love Agave, too!! I SO enjoy all the foods you mention. It is SO Refreshing to see another mom online w/whom I have so much in common with regarding taste in food. We dont have a TJ here in Ponte Vedra, however, I use a very expensive Fresh Market. In Atlanta, I bought from Whole Foods. God Bless You!! And THANK YOU!! For being You. :)