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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some things I'm crazy about

I know I've mentioned it before, but there are a few things in the world of food that I'm crazy about. If there's something on the menu with these choice ingredients, I'll definitely be getting it. To name a few...Coconut, butternut or acorn squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. And why do I love these things so? They're all sweet, of course!

Upon doing a little search of these ingredients, I came across a few recipes I'll be making in the future. Just thought I'd pass along the goods:

Coconut Ginger Spiced Carrot Soup - different, I know, but I bet it's delish!

Coconut Mashed Sweet Potatoes - Hello! How have I never heard of this before?? It's a Hawaiian dish.

Acorn squash quesadillas -

Thai Coconut Corn soup - Thanks Jen Gordon!

Maybe I'll get creative and come up with some of my own.
One of these days I'll share my recipe for my mom's famous homemade coconut or chocolate pie.


Joy said...

I have a Thai coconut chicken corn soup recipe! It's my absolute favorite!

Jennifer said...

Well pass it along!

Scott and Sara said...

I've been using sweet potato and pumpkin a lot more lately. There's nothing better than roasting a tray full of potato, sweet potato and pumpkin. Serve it up with a little gravy (not healthy, I know, but so good!) and you have a great side dish for any meal. Yum!

Jacoline said...

Hurry up with that coconut/chocolate pie recipe from your mom... I can't wait! ;-)
The things I've tasted from your mom's kitchen were goooooooood!