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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red Curry Chicken

Holy moly, that was a long hiatus from my little ole blog here.
Well, surprise...I'm back!

Let's see, last time I was on here I was talking about Guatemala. That seems like a lifetime ago. Basically, the past 2 1/2 months have been, well, shall we say sketchy? We put our house on the market, we sold it, and we moved. It was NOT fun. But, considering the market we're in, we're thankful that it even sold. We consider ourselves blessed in this and we consider ourselves blessed with our new place as well.

Life has not been normal for awhile but we're working our way back and are almost there. Even my workout routine, which I've followed religiously throughout the year, has fallen by the wayside, but with my permission. I knew the move would be stressful so I gave myself a free pass to just not do it until I'm completely ready to jump back in. Today I finally hit the gym for what I lovingly call an "icebreaker" workout. Easy, basic, and something to just break past the mental barrier of not having been active. Although, I'd argue I've been very active with moving and all.

So, we're doing our best to turn this house into our home, and for me part of that is getting back to cooking and eating as a family around the table. We've had our fill of fast food, eating out, and thrown together junk and I'm loving the nights that I'm taking a break from setting up house to cook for my family. I'll admit, there's only been a handful of real meals, but we've only been here two weeks. I'd say we're doing pretty good.

One thing I've made twice already is a recipe I posted awhile back as Curry Chicken. It was an adaptation from a CL recipe, but I've tweaked it even further and have decided it's more like Thai Red Curry with Chicken than just plain old curry chicken, so I've renamed it. Here's my more updated (and no so light) version. My picky little Wyatt loves it, which is why I've made it twice.
And tonight it turned out so good, I'd say it was restaurant quality!

Red Curry Chicken

2 TBSP grapeseed oil
2 boneless skinless breasts, cut into 1 inch pieces
2 cups green (or whatever color) bell pepper strips
half of a small yellow onion, cut into strips
small can bamboo shoots, drained
1/2 can baby corn, drained
2 TBSP fresh lime juice
2 TBSP reduced sodium soy sauce
2-3 TBSP red curry paste
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp brown sugar
one half of 1 (14-oz) can light coconut milk
one half of 1 (14-oz) can regular coconut milk
torn fresh basil

3 cups hot cooked jasmine rice

1. Sprinkle chicken evenly with salt and pan fry in oil until lightly browned on all sides.
2. Add bell pepper, onion, bamboo shoots and baby corn to pan; saute 4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove chicken and vegetables from pan.
3. Combine juice, soy sauce, curry paste, garlic and sugar in small bowl, stirring with a whisk. Add juice mixture to pan and let heat through for a minute.
4. Add 1/2 can of each coconut milk (light and regular) and bring to boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook 12 minutes or until slightly thick.
5. Return chicken and vegetables to pan; cook 2 minutes or until heated through. Toss in some torn fresh basil. Serve over rice.


Joy said...

So, what's the deal with grapeseed oil? I have never used it but I do see it in recipes and I always substitute. Why is it prefered sometimes?

Jennifer said...

Well, supposedly it has low levels of saturated fat compared with other oils and since it's lighter than olive oil it can withstand higher temps so it works great for frying. I get mine at TJ's and pretty much use it for any kind of high temp frying. On my stove in the new house I usually have to cook things on high and the grapeseed oil works well. Oh, and it' supposed to be high in antioxidants.

The Secret Ingredient said...

This recipe sounds really great. I am definitely going to try this. I like that you use grapeseed oil for coooking because it's a lot healthier than heating olive oil.

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I'd love to hear what you think!