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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gourmet Gouda Turkey Burgers

So it looks like the 130's were not just a fluke! I've been holding steady around the 138/139 mark for over a month now! While my goal weight has been 137, I'm very happy to consistently stay under 140. I'll take it! And hasn't been much work. People say Weight Watchers teachers you how to eat. Turns out, they're right! If I have a day that I regret, feeling like I've overdone it in the food department, if I honestly take a good hard look at what I've eaten, it's not nearly as bad as what I would have considered to be overdoing it 4 months ago. Thanks to Weight Watchers, my once too skinny jeans have now become my too loose jeans! 

Now for a recipe or two. It may still be May, but as far as I'm concerned, it's summer. We've been utilizing our grill a lot more, grilling salmon, kebabs and bratwurst for the boys. One morning, in a slump as to what to make for dinner, David ran across the following recipe for gourmet grilled turkey burgers. I do like a good burger, but I like them simple. I wasn't so sure about this recipe. Willing to give it a try I discovered they turned out excellent! They were hefty, so I cut my burger in half for my portion. As always, I changed things up a bit...I skipped the Canadian bacon, used my own bread crumb mixture (much healthier than regular) and only added the breadcrumbs to the turkey mixture; I did not coat the patties in the breadcrumbs. We did grill out some mushroom caps but I took my burger without one. It's hard to eat a tall burger! David loved his with the mushroom, though, so its definitely worth a try. 
Gourmet Gouda Turkey Burgers

For a nice, cool side dish toss some sliced seedless red grapes with low fat vanilla yogurt and pecans or walnuts. That'll cool you down!

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Jacoline said...

And you actually know how to pronounce the name of this dish right (Gouda)... Tnx for sharing & good luck with the WW- thing! Keep it up!